Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recipe: Butter Thumbrint Cookies

This recipe was inspired by a holiday cookie I remember devouring every Christmas as I was growing up, made by my aunt. That cookie was a buckeye, with a soft and silky peanut butter component dipped into chocolate. Now this cookie has no chocolate, rather is filled with a holiday fruit frosting, but can easily be dipped in raw chocolate as well. The texture of the cookie I reformulated is what I remember most, soft and buttery and very richly sweet. Use this cookie rolled out into fun shapes for pie decorations, as a fondant-like frosting, or just eat it as you go :)

Raw Butter Thumbprint Cookies

2 T raw pasture butter
3 T coconut butter, softened
2 T raw honey
¼ cup lucuma powder
1 T maca powder
1 tsp amla extract
½ tsp cinnamon powder
¼ tsp Himalayan salt

Place all ingredients in food processor and mix until combined. Roll into cookies, and press an indent into the cookie with your thumb or fingers. Refrigerate and make filling.

Cranberery Cream Frosting:
½ cup dried cranberries or other dried fruit
2 T raw butter
3 T raw honey
½ tsp cinnamon powder

Place all ingredients in a food processor and mix until a paste forms. Spoon mixture into a pastry bag or tube and top cookies with the frosting. Chill 30 mintutes.

Raw butter, specifically from pasture raised (grass-fed) animals is highly nutritious, rich in vitamin A (for thyroid and adrenal health), also contains lauric acid, lecithin, vitamins E & K, selenium and a number of other components that are beneficial for a healthy and thriving body. If you don't have access to raw pasture butter, make your own! Just take raw cream and place in food processor for 10 minutes or so until the butter separates, then rinse in pure water and eliminate all buttermilk. (raw cream can be skimmed off the top of raw milk that has sat overnight).

If you don't do the butter, use coconut oil in its place. This healthy fat is also high in lauric acid.

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