Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas


"Not only is each of Julia's mandala pies truly a piece of edible art to be enjoyed with your eyes, tongue and the rest of your being, the vibrance of their live super food ingredients make them fuel for your own creative fire. Appreciate these delectable desserts as you would a fine wine: savoring the texture, taste, mouth feel, color and aroma of every bite! Thank you Julia for making the most beautiful, best-tasting, healthiest treats ever!" ~Bruce Horowitz

My book is finished!!! This book is all about raw pie and desserts, complete with over 60 original recipes. An amazing and thoughtful introduction including discussions on superfood ingredients, my philosophy on quality foods, ways to make the process of piemaking simple and fun and more!

You will learn how to make superfood filled raw pies, with herbs, fresh ingredients, wild foods and inspiration for decoration that takes them to a whole new level of beauty. This is an experience of culinary artistry.

Pre-order this book now and it will be delivered when it arrives early next week (September 15th or so). It is softcover bound and printed on recycled paper with veg inks!

Cost: $29.95 plus S&H
Buy 4 or more and get a 10% discount!
(email for more info on discount~

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, this is one of the most beautiful ideas I've seen in a long time! Your raw mandala pies look lovely! I love seeing original, innovative ideas ;-)

    Mila Ilina


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