Monday, October 25, 2010

Persimmon Cream Pie Filling!

Persimmon Cream:
2 fuyu persimmons
1/3 cup coconut butter, melted
1 cup raw cashews, or pecans
1 cup almond milk or other favorite raw milk
1 passion fruit, juice and seeds (or 2 T lemon juice)
3 T raw honey
1 T lucuma powder
1 tsp mesquite pod meal
1 tsp ashwaganda extract
1 tsp vanilla powder
1-2 tsp spice blend (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove)
pinch Himalayan Salt
2 soft medjool dates (optional, for more rich caramel sweetness)

1 whole fuyu persimmon for decorating

Fresh Lavender flowers, whole

2. Melt coconut butter. Place chopped persimmons and remaining filling ingredients into high power blender and mix until smooth and creamy. Fold in 1 tsp lavender flowers if desired. Pour into pie crust and chill two hours or longer.

3. Decorate your mandala pie with sliced persimmons, goji berries and edible flowers like lavender or calendula.

A great additional component to this pie would be some raw caramel. Just take some pitted dates, honey, Himalayan or sea salt, and vanilla place it into a food processor and create your own fresh caramel to your desired consistency then place a little dollop on each slice of pie when ready to serve ☺

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