Monday, February 28, 2011

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I have a delicious new superfood product I call Lucuma Cookie Bites, filled with creamy coconut, lucuma fruit powder, maca root, raw honey, wild brazil nuts and spices. These taste just like little cake doughnuts, I am told :) Sweet and buttery, the perfect snack.

There are also some new recipes and a video recipe on my blog that are there to inspire the creative forces within. The video, if you have yet to see, is a recipe for Strawberry & Cacao Caramel Layer Bars, truly a treat. This easy recipe can be done quickly, and is great to serve those new to raw foods, since it has familiar flavors and nice layered textures.

One more note, I would love if you share my website/videos/recipes with the people you know. My goal is to share delicious, nutritious and fun food with those that love being healthy and want to make it themselves. So if you could take a moment to help inspire others around you, whether you make a recipe yourself and share it with a friend, or you send my information along to those that want to make this kind of food, I really would appreciate the community spirit that this kind of superfood, whole foods lifestyle needs :)

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Lucuma Cookie Bites 3.5oz

lucuma cookiesThese little cookies are filled with bold flavors, a unique tropical ingredient called Lucuma, maca root powder, and Wild Brazil Nuts.
This Amazonian treat is handcrafted and handrolled into little bite-sized cookies.

The texture is like a dense cake, and the flavor can be described as a tropical maple syrup, perfectly salted to enhance the sweet flavors of the yummy lucuma.

Lucuma Powder: An amazonian superfruit that is high in beta-carotene, iron, niacin (B3), calcium and phosphorus. It is in the sapote family, and has a creamy yellow fruit, that is sweet and maple-like in flavor.

Wild Brazil Nuts: Grows wild in the forests of the amazon and filled with high amounts of selenium, the number one plant source of this mineral.

Each bag contains 6-7 cookies and is 3.5oz.
Cost is 6.95 per bag.

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