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Diviana Nectar contains magical components to energize and actualize your being with truly RAW honey, the most amazing coconut oil ever, super adaptogenic herbs, and superfoods.

In Ayurveda honey and sugar are commonly added to certain herbal formulations to act as an anupan, a substance that directs the properties of the herbs deep into the tissues, which helps to better facilitate active ingredients into cell walls.


Unfiltered, Truly RAW Honey
Loaded with enzymes and high-density nutrition, truly living honey is packed with properties that heal. In order for honey to retain this amazing nutrition, it must be kept under 95 degrees to preserve enzymes that will promote digestion, assimilation, and retain all the properties that this magical food contains. Hon promotes healing of infections, and has a long history of use in ancient medicine. This Black Sage honey is unfiltered and retains some of the propolis particles and pollen. These components are highly nutritive and contain essential proteins and an active immune defense.

Virgin Coconut Oil
An incredible anti-inflammatory, immune boosting oil, sourced from mature coconut meat that has been cold processed into a milk, and strained through centrifuging. Important medium-chain triglycerides are a main component in coconut oil, which promotes weight loss. Coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants, which have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Components like Monolaurin, an anti-microbial agent, present in coconut oil, are also present in human mother’s milk. Coconut oil does not oxidize for long periods, if in the raw, living state, meaning it will not go rancid.

“conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”
Adaptogenic (Rasayana), youth enhancing mineral humic pitch from the Himalayan mountains. A cold extract purified with a small amount of triphala (“three fruits” Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki), shilajit contains a high concentration of fulvic acid, one of the most potent adaptogenic materials that can be utilized by human design, pulling out impurities (toxins) in the body and releasing them. Improves recovery time after strenuous exercise or stress and stimulates the immune system into optimal functioning. Shilajit is a powerful blood purifier with the ability to drive minerals into the muscles and bones for ultimate body strength. Since these minerals are in simple ionic form, they are absorbed by the body with little energy. Shilajit is a potentiator, meaning it amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bio-availability.

Mucuna Pruriens
An Aphrodisiac in Ayruveda, mucuna maintains and normalizes testosterone levels which can improve protein conversion into the muscle structure for increased mass and strength. Mucuna is the richest natural source of a substanced called levadopa (l-dopa). L-dopa is used by the body to synthesize the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine helps to facilitae the transfer of information between neurons and the brain, involved in enhancing mood and bodily functioning. Mucuna also contains serotonin, 5MEOdmt, bufotenine, and N,Ndmt, signatures to boost the ultimate genetic expression of DNA in our cells. Nicotinic acid, an appetite suppresant and potentiator, is also found, in small amounts, in mucuna.

Tribulus Terrestris
Reproductive regulator for male and females, by balancing hormone levels and testosterone. Strong Aphrodisiac action due to the presence of its saponins. Harmala alkaloids found in tribulus are mao-a/mao-b inhibitors, in which they reduce the breakdown of seratonin, dopamine, phenethylamine, and epinephrine, causing mood enhancing effects.

Also called Indian Ginseng because of its rejuvinating properties. Maintains healthy adrenal levels and is rejuvenative, producing an energy that is regulating instead of stimulating. Promotes healthy immune system, clarity of mind, and a clear flow of energy through the body. Ashwaganda is a potent adaptogenic herb that contains withanolides, alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, amino acids, dietary minerals, trace minerals and other components that promote immune function and overall body vigor.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa has the highest chlorophyll content of all known plants, which gives it potent healing properties. This is the most powerful single-celled green algae, which is grown in fresh water, containing vital minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. Often referred to as the “great normalizer” as it regulates body functions and detoxifies the system. Digestion is improved and the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria in the stomach is proliferated by the ingestion of chlorella, by the fiberous materials. This brain food has the ability to carry oxygen and stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body. Chlorella stimulates heavy metal detoxification, with the presence of an indigestible cell wall, binding with these toxins and pulling them out of the system.

A powerful fruit in the mulberry family from the Hawaiian Islands that boosts immune function with the presence of antioxidants and polysaccharides. Polycaccharides are long chain sugars that work directly on white blood cells, increasing their ability to cleanse the body of unwanted bacteria and pathogens. This is NoniLand Noni powder, rich in ormus, grown in super mineralized soil.

A medicinal mushroom with the ability to strengthen the respiratory system, increase energy levels and boosting stamina. A powerful immune supporting supplement high in polysaccharides in the form of beta-glucans. Cordyceps has been utilized by world-class athletes looking to improve performance and efficiency in training and competition. Oxygen uptake is increased, meaning cells work more efficiently and endurance is improved.

Red Reishi
An excellent adaptogen and immune stimulating supplement, Reishi has a high proportion of polysaccharides or beta-glucans. A unique substance found in this medicinal mushroom is triterpenes, in the form of ganoderic acids, which has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This substances helps protect the liver, improves oxygen uptake, and reduces allergic symptoms.

A staple food of the Native Americans, mesquite imparts a rich variety of nutrients, including minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and calcium, contains high amounts of fiber, and beneficial amino acids like lysine.

Maca lives at elevations of 11,000-14,000 feet in the Andes mountain region of South America. This hardy root provides adaptogenic qualities that balance the system and increases strength and stamina in those that consume it. Maca is rich in minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and is a rich source of sterols. Research from Peru have shown maca to improve memory, increase oxygen in the blood, improve neurotransmitter function and increases libido. A powerful adrenal supporting supplement, maca is helps to regulate excess stress and overexertion.

Growing from an orchid vine, vanilla creates an intoxicating essential oil called vanillin, among others. It produces aphrodesiac effects by increasing the amount of catecholamines, including epinephrine (adrenaline).

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