Monday, April 5, 2010

Diviana Recipe

RAW Milk and Honey Creme

1/2 cup raw milk or cream
3 T unfiltered dark honey
1 tsp shilajit
1 tsp mesquite powder

Blend in high power blender until desired consistancy is reached. If raw milk is cold, add honey in quickly so it does not seize and stop blending, or let the milk/cream come to room temp first. With raw cream, blend no more than 25 seconds on high, or it will turn to butter :) Pour this over berries, over heirloom cooked rice or quinoa for a breakfast treat, or as a quick energy snack on the run.

MILK and HONEY is the perfect synergy. Honey contains oligosaccharide sugars, medium size carbohydrates, that are called prebiotics. These sugars promote the growth of bifidobacterium, a healthy bacteria that appears in raw dairy products, and may increase immune system resistance to harmful pathogens.
Carbohydrate breakdown From wikipedia:

Typical honey analysis.[26]

Fructose: 38.2%

Glucose: 31.3%

Sucrose: 1.3%

Maltose: 7.1%

Water: 17.2%

Higher sugars: 1.5%

Ash: 0.2%

Other/undetermined: 3.2%

a diverse composition that depends on the floral source of the honey, a darker honey tends to contain more antioxidants/enzymes than a light honey, thus more immune enhancing properties.

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