Monday, April 5, 2010

It has been a year since I've Run consistently, as I had for 10 or so years previous, on a 5 to 6 day a week continuum like it was a religion. This year has been a whirliwind (yes whirli) of newness, new paradigm for living. I have been off the grid, working on the land permaculture style, living and working in a tropical paradise, with exceptional people of mind and awareness. I have been without a home until the last few months, traveling as a vagabond, in and out of space and time. New experiences and perceptions being in continuous form, feels like I've lived more in this past year than the past 5 years since college combined.

So I thought I would reflect on that a bit, and come back to my present state with new Life. Now living in Port Townsend, Washington, back where I essentially grew up, is a trip. My parents are close, my sister is a working girl nearby, and I have found Love, when I never really believed I would before this last year. When I dropped my concept of what I thought Life should look like, and what I was fated to, that is when all started to fall into place, or rather Destiny as I like to call it. I dropped (partially ;) the ego mind that had been holding me into this competitive craziness my entire waking life, and began to see others as partners, and on the same mission. Even if those surrounding me weren't able to separate themselves, to the extent that I had found, of their beliefs, I could accept that they were budding into their self at their own pace. No one is on the same track, we are living in different realities here. Yet back in the Self, it is the same. All we are seeing here is a slice, this is why it is a challenge to relate at times, we are forgetting that this is only a minute part of the whole. When we see the whole, things change. How they change is up to you to realize.

The work has only begun here. And others that have started on this path are doing the same. We can all be guides for eachother, but we must remember that it is only a guide, a slice, not a truth. Until it is within and full. This is why it's hard to say anything at all, at times, for me at least. I see that word is powerful, and I don't fully grasp it in speaking, more fully on paper, but I do not want this to be limiting for me. I recognize that this is a challenge for me to pursue, and because it is not my forte, I must try harder. But this is essential for the communicative world we live in presently. If I am to be a guide in some way or another, I must overcome the buried fear inside that I have. This is a pathalogos or false belief about myself that I hold, and I am only beginning to understand why, where, and how it came to life. We all have these Challenges to overcome, and I trust that sharing these challenges is an important awakening to pursue. So my question for you would be to dig deep within, and find something that you can work on for your Self, and every day just observe, and you will continually find parts of that pie, that can be whole once again.

So off on a tangent I go, from the original posting, which is all part of the process of mind. Going through the stages of realization, and working through a problem, in a way that can bring you back, once you notice that you've been rambling to yourself for awhile. Yep, I've had an incredible journey this past year. Lovely, Challenging, Magical, Emotional, keeps me moving. I find it less and less of a challenge to come back now. To realize that I am in a state of mis-understanding, and can begin to receive what I need more instantaneously. To go over all that has guided my path would be a novel, and only a story, since it is my belief that has strung together these events, and how I am seeing them. Never-the-less, would be valuable to those beginning the journey, and that is why I like to share. But please to remember that it is only a story, and your own is the focus to take.

Some tid-bits of information that may inspire:

:Eating isn't all, but it can effect your balance, clarity, and emotional states, so listen. Eat what doesn't give you drag, and don't eat too much. The single most destructive eating pattern, is eating too much. And I am not immune. Do the best that you can, and eat what works for you. I like Raw food, wild foods, juice, and Cacao. Others may find that this is wonderful, some may choose another path. None is Wrong.

:Effective work on the Self can be enhanced by meditative practice. This does not necessarily mean you need to sit for 20-30 minutes a day, but it could, and it helps. It may be another activity too. It may be Running, it may be Yoga, it may be cooking, it may be foraging, or any place that you can loose your mind, thought, and belief body, where it is no more, and you are fully abundant in the Whole. Time looses place, space is not real, it is a non-perspective state.

:Cleanse your channels of receptivity. Meaning clear out the junk, the emotional states that give you continuing grief. Simplistic living style can do wonders. Clean your space, don't neglect what is present. Deal with what comes to mind. If you have a bothersome thought, do something about it. Speak about it, write about it, organize. Life is more simple, and clear. This can happen periodically, not obsessively, and give place for new thought, new space. Even if it is not real (influenced by belief), it will clear out more of the cloud, and provide a calm sense in that presence.

:Add more of your own ideas...

Many Mahalos,

Love, Jules

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